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Hi, my name is Steph Cole and I am a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor. I am also  a  Life coach specialising in Relationships ,Communication and Confidence building using a Holistic Approach to focus and motivate you to progress if stuck with your life !
I offer "A Way Forward" - a safe , confidential space to explore your worries and concerns. A place to be you,a 
place to not be judged in any way.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me on 07845 353506 and I will be happy to answer.
take control of


I am experienced in bereavement, loss, anxiety, depression, stress and sexual orientation.  

I can offer a tailored bespoke service for you to focus and help you take control and move forward with your life. As a Life Coach I can help you to set goals for a better future . 


Your Greatest Self





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A 30 minute Initial Consultation 

Steph Cole

"A Way Forward" Counselling



Tel: 07845 353 506



I was struggling with my Anger couldn't cope. 

Thanks to Steph I am now feeling so much more in control. Andy.

    Life Coaching

My life was stressed and I was stuck the goals set help me to take control and I am so happier now.

Thanks Steph

Paula St Annes.


I lost all sense of life after the loss of my Mum. I was in a daze, confused and empty. After talking to Steph I am now able to move on and live my life.

Sue. Poulton.


 My relationship with my partner was a mess. I just couldn't open up to her. The sessions helped me to recognize my emotions better. Rory

"You must not give up in the middle of the journey. May you have grace to travel onward"

Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great

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