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Hi, my name is Steph Cole and I am a qualified Therapeutic Counsellor. I am also  a  Life coach specialising in Relationships ,Communication and Confidence building using a Holistic Approach to focus and motivate you to progress if stuck with your life !
I offer "A Way Forward" - a safe , confidential space to explore your worries and concerns. A place to be you,a 
place to not be judged in any way.
If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me on 07845 353506 and I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
 You can also send me an email on tep.p@hotmail.co.uk.
I aim to reply within a couple of hours.
take control of


I am very experienced in various life worries including but not only bereavement, loss, anxiety, depression, stress and sexual orientation.  

I can offer a tailored bespoke service for you to focus and help you take control and move forward with your life. As a Life Coach I can help you to set goals for a better future . 


Your Greatest Self





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A 15/20 minute Initial Consultation 

Steph Cole

"A Way Forward" Counselling



Tel: 07845 353 506



I was struggling with my Anxiety. I just couldn't cope on my own. 

Steph helped me to understand my feelings and how to turn my life around . Sue 

    Life Coaching

I felt stuck with my life and going nowhere.  Steph listened and helped me to move on in a positive way.

Pete. Kirkham.


 Losing my dad was the most crushing event I had experienced and it turned my life upside down.

Having Steph  there to listen and not judge me was a load off me.

Dan. Poulton.


 I was a mess. My life was a mess. Everything was a mess. I felt lonely and unloved.

Seeing Steph allowed me to be me again . Thanks for that.

Pete . Blackpool.

"You must not give up in the middle of the journey. May you have grace to travel onward"

Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great

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